Business Intelligence

Gather information from data and derive decisions from information.
Business Intelligence serves to create a comprehensive and holistic view of the company over individual company areas and users. With help of Virtuoso Solutions you can activate the hidden forces of your company and use potentials in a more specific way.

Virtuoso Solutions competently supports you in the design of effective Business Intelligence applications and in the subsequent realization with corresponding Data Warehouse Technologies.

Benefit from our expertise and longstanding experience in business and IT, especially in SAP Business Intelligence®. Based on your requirements, Virtuoso Solutions creates an individual BI-architecture including the different SAP-solutions for Business Intelligence. At the same time we identify a matching solution for your ideal business utilization together through SAP BI®.

Virtuoso Solutions draws from a large pool of experience of successful SAP BI-projects in the areas:

  • Reporting with SAP BI/BO
  • Management Cockpits and Dashboards with SAP BI/BO