Data quality

Data quality – a success factor for your customer relationship management
Today, marketing expenses must be measureable by the profitability and value (meaning the future turnover potential). A decisive success criterion for marketing is data quality. Conducting marketing activities without considering data quality must be seriously warned against. The data quality is elementary for the quality of the marketing results. Poor data quality causes unnecessarily high marketing costs. At the same time, the effort involved in secure the data sources must not be underestimated.
How do I secure the data quality of my customer data and how can I measure it? The persons responsible are faced with these questions more and more frequently due to the increasing cost pressure.

Virtuoso Solutions offers you a modular multi-level procedure attuned to your specific requirements for the analysis and cleansing of your data. We adapt the process individually to the initial situation, your requirement and objective target.

This way, correct and current data contribute to the success of your company:

Cost optimization
With correct addresses you ensure the efficient usage of the advertisement budget and lower costs by avoiding doubles, false city and street spelling etc.

Image care
Avoid unsatisfied customers due to false addressing or embarrassing addressing in the event of death.

Response increase
Accurate marketing campaigns create more attention and make you even more successful.

CRM-Analysis basis
An updated and cleaned database provides reliable results of analyses, profiling and segmenting.