Customer success measurement

Customer success measurement is an analysis of success that can be done with an extended coverage calculation.

Similar to ABC-analysis, ranking regarding their customer success can be done for customers.
It is recommended to support and care for certain customers according to their customer success.
Exemplary illustration of customer success measurement
The steps to success:

Step 1: Analysis and check-up of the data
What customer data is recorded in the different systems of the companies in which form and how can these be linked. Virtuoso Solutions analyses together with the company what data could be relevant for the customer success measurement.

Step 2: Identification of cost factors of the customer
Besides the costs that are clearly allocated to the customer (delivery costs, …) there are a lot of indirect costs that occur from a customer and must be considered in the customer success calculation. Virtuoso Solutions records these together with the company and evaluates them.

Step 3: Recommendations for action and realization
Virtuoso Solutions recommends an individual solution to the company and realizes it in the system. The results can also be used further in an automatic customer segmentation if necessary.