Mobile solutions for SAP CRM

Nowadays competitive environment requires companies to have constant real time access to both customer and company specific data at any place and any time.

Therefore a defined mobile strategy becomes more and more a necessity for any modern company.

The current growth in the field of „mobile solutions“ as well as the distribution of mobile end devices challenge companies in defining their own mobile strategy.

In doing so any company is confronted with the following business orientated questions:

  • What is the actual end user target group for the mobile-app?
  • What sort of information is relevant for the end user?
  • How shall the information be integrated into the SAP CRM mobile solution?

Moreover there are questions related to a company’s IT:

  • how shall mobile solutions be integrated in already existing IT- und SAP CRM infrastructure?
  • How will compliance be ascertained?
  • what operating system should be supported?
  • how are changes in the Apps deployed?
  • how can the usage of mobile solutions be monitored and logged?

With many years of experience in the field of solutions orientated SAP-consulting, we at Virtuoso-Solutions make together with you an attempt to define your individual mobile strategy, to evaluate leading marketable products and to develop solutions suitable to your SAP-systems.

Our experts in the field of „mobile solutions“ are pleased to advice you in:

  • different solutions in MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) ;
  • creating an overview and evaluating of different solutions applicable to your SAP CRM System already available on the market;
  • assistance or implementation of your individual solution
    Furthermore we define together with you your individual mobile solutions strategy which is perfectly harmonised with all of your business processes.

„get mobile“ with your data. Now.