Optimized campaign management

Initial situation

A company sends out numerous mailings to customers and interested parties every year. The preparation and planning of the centrally controlled campaigns takes weeks. The target groups are created centrally and often not coordinated with sales. The costs due to non-selective advertising are too high.
Marketing campaigns should, therefore, be controlled more selectively to expand business and the potential for the existing products in Germany shoul****d be exploited to the maximum. Expect a significant decrease in the campaign costs. The revelations from marketing campaigns can be used for future selection models. In the next step, you will want to install complex customer binding and cross-selling models.


Within a few weeks, Virtuoso Solutions develops and implements a marketing solution that meets all requirements.


Already shortly after the implementation, proven success were achieved:

  • Due to the optimized processes, the through-put times for campaigns were reduced by more than 50 percent
  • Optimized selection models now significantly increase the responses
  • The usage of the CRM system installed by Virtuoso Solutions significantly reduces the costs as well as the effort per campaign
  • Response data is recorded in the system and are available for future actions and also for analysis purposes.
  • Based on the proven success, amortisation of the project is calculated for within two year in the company.


  • Besides the pure address data, the company uses all relevant additional information that is available in the system. This includes socio-demographic information (age, marital status, regions etc.) as well as data from other company areas (turnover, coverage sum, customer success, potential, …)
  • Upon request, experienced consultants of Virtuoso Solution support the internal marketing team of the company with analytical selection support.