Sales Management

Often sales management is performed exclusively based on absolute sales numbers. The sales costs and the actual turnover potential are disregarded. This leads to disproportionate customer service and unfair evaluation of field service workers and constant discussions regarding the target agreements.

Simply ground your sales management on the actual numbers and plan according to objective evaluation marks. The employees with highest turnover are not always the best. Only a comparison of actual volume and result with the market potential behind it allows a correct evaluation of the actual chances.

The calculation is done based on the following components:

  • Actual turnover of the customer
  • Market potential of the customer
  • Degree of exploitation
  • Possible further branch specific factors

Potential based target plans in sales:

The ratio of actual turnover to market potential is usually the truly meaningful identification number: It shows how well every field service worker has exploited his/her area. This may bring completely different results that simply looking at the absolute turnover.

Your advantages of a potential-oriented sales management:

  • Finding market chances: You work with a reliable tool with which you validly quantify the potentials in your sales areas
  • Your field service workers work “good” customers more intensively and thus increase company success
  • Increased satisfaction among sales employees